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Choosing a qualified roofer in Gainesville, VA is key to a successful roof repair and renovation. Lifeguard Construction is a leading roofing contractor in Gainesville, VA and we are on a mission to make your home not only beautiful but also energy efficient.

Our expert consultants and installers will ensure that you get a roofing system that matches your needs and your house. As a Northern VA Roofing Contractor, we guarantee your satisfaction.

We aim to provide you with the best workmanship and value in exterior finishes to create a timeless look for Gainesville, VA residences. We also serve Haymarket, Warrenton, and Centreville.

Roofer Gainesville, VARoofing Contractor Services in Gainesville VA

Our Gainesville VA Roofer services include roof and shingle repair, roof replacement, and new roof installation.

Gainesville Roof and Shingle Repair

A leaking roof causes major problems and adds unnecessary costs to your budget. That’s why having access to high-quality roofer services in Gainesville VA is crucial. Whether you’re in Gainesville, Haymarket, Warrenton, or Centreville, Lifeguard Construction will help you repair your roof and shingles and save your home from damage to your house and your valuable possessions.

Gainesville Roof Replacement

If the damage to your roof is beyond repair, roof replacement is the best way to go. We are one of the best roofing companies in Gainesville that will help you choose the best new roofing system for your home.

From asphalt shingles and slate roofing, to cedar shakes and metal roofing, Lifeguard Construction has the right roofing materials for your home. Lifeguard Construction roofing company has experienced consultants and installers that will get your roof replacement done according to your tastes and in a way that meets standard roofing requirements. Whether you need to replace just a part of your roof or the entire thing, Lifeguard Construction in Gainesville will help make your home more beautiful and energy efficient.

What’s Next?

Need a new roof or repair? Learn more about our roofing services and request your free estimate today.

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